Zum 20. Jahrestag der Roskilde Tragödie veröffentlichen die schwedischen Domus ein Pearl Jam Cover in Andenken an ihren verstorbenen Freund!

Domus erinnern mit Pearl Jam Cover an die Tragödie von Roskilde, bei der während eines Auftritts der Band mehrere Zuschauer ums Leben kamen!

„On Tuesday June 30th it was 20 years since 9 people lost their lives on the Roskilde festival. One of them was 20 year old Carl-Johan Gustafsson, a close friend to Thobias and Henrik, who form the swedish postkraut duo Domus. To honor and pay tribute to their friend they are releasing a Pearl Jam cover on the anniversary. Here is the band’s own words about the song they chose to release:

Friday June 30th, 2000, our mutual friend Carl-Johan “Kalle” Gustafsson died during the Pearl Jam concert at Roskilde Festival. Back then, we (Thobias and Henrik) didn’t know each other. We both knew Kalle, but through different circles of friends. This event made a great impact on us, and we have for a long time talked about doing something in his memory. When we realized that this summer marks the 20th anniversary of his death, we decided to record our version of Pearl Jam’s “In My Tree”.

“In My Tree (for Carl-Johan)” is a tribute to Kalle. It is our way of reminding ourselves and our friends how lucky we are to have known him when he was alive. It is also a tribute to Pearl Jam, a band that meant a lot to us when we were young. The members of the band turned out to be fantastic people who were deeply shaken by the tragedy, and have shown a great deal of empathy with the affected families. That the choice of song would fall on something from the slightly forgotten record No Code felt natural, as it has greatly influenced both of us. No Code contains much more experimental rhythms and psychedelic elements than their other albums. Even though it might differ musically from the music we make in Domus, everything we have listened to throughout our lives has led to what we create today. So here it is, our memorial to our friend. This song will always have a special place in our hearts.

/Thobias & Henrik“

Text: Pressemitteilung
Credits: Kim Wijk

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